Spectacular Port Douglas Weather over Four Mile Beach
Weather, Moon & Tides

We design our charter schedule to fish more exposed areas when the weather is more predictable. This generally translates into enjoyable fishing conditions most of the time. But there will be exceptions to this as, at the end of the day, we are in the lap of the weather gods.

From February through to April, we fish from our departure points of Lizard Island to Portland Roads when the winds are lighter and there is great all-round fishing. We then head over to the Gulf of Carpentaria for the wet season run off and to escape the strong south easterly winds coming up the East coast during winter. October through to December, we return to the East coast for the ultimate blue water fishing and great weather Port Douglas to Portland Roads heading in to our summer months. 

We have provided current weather conditions for our four key trip locations below:

Portland Roads Weather

Archer River Weather

Lizard Island Weather

Port Douglas Weather

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