Catch and Cook BBQ with FNSF-NOMAD
Food & Beverage

A live-aboard charter on Blue Martini gives you the unique ability to explore and fish, in luxury, truly remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef and the Western Cape. Our crew are seasoned professionals dedicated to ensuring your trip is memorable.

All charters include three sumptuous haute cuisine meals a day, prepared from locally sourced produce and freshly caught seafood. 

The Chef will always try and include freshly caught seafood in the menu. Blue Martini is well known for providing delicious seafood dishes prepared from the day's catch. Clients can expect to eat as much or as little seafood on board, depending on tastes and captures.

Three spacious dining areas and an elevated fly bridge for formal dining affords the very best live-aboard experience. Blue Martini is fully licensed with a comprehensive choice of local and craft beers, spirits and Australian and international wines.


Select wines are available, and the vessel has a fantastic selection of award-winning Hemingways Beers, Mt Uncle Rum, and high-end spirits on board. Click here to upload a copy of our on-board beverages list.

To see a copy of our current wine and beverage list, please contact us.

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