Tydeman Reef Great Barrier Reef Fly Fishing
Tydeman Reef & Claremont Isles

A true saltwater sportfishing & Great Barrier Reef fly fishing paradise with an unmatched combination of inshore and offshore species and fishing styles

And if you think that is good, there’s also light tackle action in the shallows, mackerel trolling or deep jigging. Truly spectacular fishing in a simply incredible location.

  • Cast surface lures or flyfish the outer edge of the reef for big GTs, dogtooth tuna, mackerel, coral trout, red bass and more.
  • Great Barrier Reef fly fishing and incredible sportfishing.
  • Drift the reef flats with lure or fly for over 30 species of sportfish.
  • Walk an isolated sand cay, reef flat or island beach and sight cast to cruising GTs, queenfish, golden trevally, titan triggerfish and over 30 other species.
  • Troll the outer edge of the reef for huge dogtooth tuna, yellowfin, mackerel and wahoo
  • Fish remote and untouched rivers and beaches for barramundi, mangrove jacks, queenfish, giant herring and many other species.
  • This trip truly has EVERY option covered and is ideal for anglers who want to experience every fishing option in one trip.
Maori Wrasse Caught During Great Barrier Reef Fly Fishing

Location Map

Claremont Isles Map Location

We pass through the Tydeman Reef and Claremont Isles area each year on our Ultimate Adventure - Portland Roads trips from February through to April and late September through to December. 

Coral Trout Caught During Great Barrier Reef Fly Fishing

Species Guide

If you’re looking for maximum variety, this trip is definitely for you. From the anchorages we visit you can head east and access the outer edge of the barrier reef to catch huge GTs, coral trout, dogtooth tuna, spanish mackerel, wahoo, yellowfin tuna and a huge variety of other species.

The reefs just to the north west of Tydeman Reef offer spectacular sand flats and a mix of inshore queenfish and mackerel mixed with GTs cruising the flats. It is an area of endless opportunity.

At the Claremont Isles, we anchor near a series of islands, sand flats and reef flats that are unmatched anywhere else in Australia. We’ve caught everything from GTs to cobia to a variety of tuna, queenfish, golden trevally and every other tropical saltwater species you can think of. If you love walking the flats and sightcasting, this is a true paradise!

And if that’s not enough, head west of the anchorage and you’ll hit the coastline with some of the most remote rivers in Australia teeming with fish. These rivers cannot be accessed by land: there’s simply no way to drive there, so our mothership with small shallow draft tenders is the only way to get to these rivers. The barramundi and jack fishing is just wonderful in these clear shallow sandy rivers, and the queenfish at the mouths of the rivers are incredible fun!

Want a location with the lot? This is it.

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Portland Roads Tides Chart

Giant Trevally Caught During Great Barrier Reef Fly fishing and Sportfishing

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