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"We had the best trip ever, amazing! Never caught so many quality fish! Superb weather with hardly any rain or wind, it was humid but expect that in Feb... Fishing was out of this world. Trolling was the standout, no matter where you were - big mackerel, trout, job fish, GTs, school yellowfin. Cheese holes were outstanding, probably the pick, once a good hole was found usually we would pull 10 to 15 quality fish out of it. Nick and I probably caught over 200 fish, at least 50 GT’s. Guides as usual were great - Tim is a cracking guide and a truly nice guy, we loved how he mixed it up as it suited our style of trying everything. Food as usual 10 out of 10." - Andy, Portland Roads Ultimate Adventure, February 2024 


"[We] joined four other avid ‘fishos’ for a week on a ‘mothership’ towing three excellent fishing skiffs, in the far northern extremity of the Great Barrier Reef. Bob and Chip flyfished, while the others used conventional spinning and jigging gear, far out-doing us fly fishos. What a treat to have perfect weather (just preceding Cyclone Jasper), excellent cuisine aboard the mothership ‘Blue Martini’, and such a range of environments to fish, from tidal mangrove-lined creeks along the mainland, eastward across the Reef to long shallow walkable sand spits (watching out for crocs), to 2m-deep dazzling coral reefs teeming with fish, to coral ‘bommies’ with 8m-deep channels between them, and out beyond the Reef edge to kilometre-deep limpid ocean. There Chip hooked (on his relatively flimsy 9wt fly rod!) and landed his ‘personal-best’ biggest fish, a 50kg (120lb) yellowfin tuna, which took Chip with help from his guide Tim 90 minutes to land!" - Chip, Portland Roads Ultimate Adventure, November 2023

“Fishing and crew was excellent. All round perfect trip, looking forward to another.” Adam, Ultimate Adventure – Portland Roads, November 2023

“All and all a bucket list trip that exceeded expectations” Sam, Ultimate Adventure – Portland Roads, November 2023

"From the moment we set foot on the Blue Martini, we were all made to feel extremely welcome and right at home. The crew tailored our adventures based on our individual experiences, and ensured that if there was a particular fish or method of fishing that we would like to experience, then they went out of their way to make it happen." - Hayley, Ultimate Adventure - Portland Roads, March 2022

“I was so looking forward to this trip. For me the mixture of blue water and river in that part of the coast was special…The fishing certainly lived up to my expectations. All of the crew, Jim the skipper once again excellent. Simon the chef, full of life and fun and a delight to be around, and a great chef. Food was excellent. Jazz, a very lovely young lady who looked after our every need. Aran and Hayden, among the best guides I have ever had.” Peter, Ultimate Adventure – Archer River, July 2023

"The host Toni was non stop work with a smile on her face the whole time. If I had a dollar for every time she went up and down those stairs. The 2 fishing guides Arron and Andy were without doubt the best I have ever encountered on all the fishing charters I have been on. Knowledgeable, helpful, industrious. Up early, packing getting everything ready…did everything for every client….and then when they went back on the boat, often last to bed to make sure that their guests were looked after in all ways. Always with a kind word and a smile on their face. They went far and above their job as fishing guides. I seriously couldn’t recommend this trip or company highly enough."
- Michael, Ultimate Adventure - Portland Roads, March 2022.

"Just back from a fantastic week on board Blue Martini with the crew from Far North Sports Fishing. The well appointed mothership and dories made our week of fly fishing the Archer, surrounding rivers, billabongs and Bluewater a real pleasure. Coming back to the comfoprt of the mothership after big days on the water to be treated with great hospitality makes for a great end to each day.

The guides are very knowledgeable in the area, they know where to be at what stage of the tide to get the bites. We never ran out of options and most likely only scratched the surface of what's possible with a fly rod whether it be Barra or Jacks in the rivers, pelagics in the salt and endless beaches and headlands to explore. 

Highly recommended trip, you won't be disappointed!" - Bob, Ultimate Adventure - Archer River 2022