Barramundi Fish Caught on Soft Plastic
Soft Plastics for Barra


Soft plastics have revolutionised barramundi fishing across the board. From impoundments fishing where many of these techniques developed into the most remote regions of Cape York, plastics have been refined to allow even newcomers the chance to catch these iconic sportfish.

Barra are ambush predators which target mostly live bait fish, prawns and sometimes amphibians. Soft plastics which replicate these prey items are used by FNSF-NOMAD guides in a variety of situations to put leaping barra on the end of rods.

Rigging up soft plastics on weedless hooks can completely change the game for inexperienced fishers casting soft plastics at structure. Frogs, prawns and baitfish imitations have the hook hidden within the soft plastic, meaning the hook point stays clear of snags and lillies. 

With a little practice, our specialised equipment will have you casting accurately in no time and retrieving soft plastics amidst very challenging topography. 


Barramundi are not the only target when using soft plastics ... Mangrove Jack, Saratoga, Fingermark, Cod and Threadfin Salmon are commonly caught on soft plastics.

Tips & Tricks

  • Most soft plastics used will have a built-in action. Try not to over-work your soft plastic as most of the time a steady, slow retrieve will yield best results. Remain ever ready for a plucking bite.
  • If you are in very tight country, try and use weedless rigged plastics. If you are in open sandy or muddy terrain, try and use a visible hook-point for better hook-ups.
  • Size matters. If fish are hitting bigger plastics, change to a bigger plastic. If tentative bites or short bites at the tail are forthcoming, move down a plastic and hook size.


We fish for barramundi using a variety of the Z'Man soft plastics below at the following locations:

  • Jackson, Archer and Love Rivers
  • Lloyd Bay
  • Princess Charlotte Bay


FNSF-NOMAD use top of the line Shimano rods, reels and terminal tackle. We provide the following two different setups for using soft plastics when fishing for Barramundi:

Reel: Shimano SLX DC SLXDC150XG Baitcaster
Rod: Shimano Zodias 5’10” Med Baitcast 
Line: 20-30lb braid; 40-80lb fluoro leader

Reel: Shimano Vanford 4000 Spin
Rod: Shimano Zodias 270MH Med/Heavy Spin 7'
Line: 20-30lb braid; 40-80lb fluoro leader

Our Recommended Lures

Our guides are experienced in using a wide variety of lures daily and recommend the following when it comes to soft plastics:

- Zman 3.5" Easyshrimp
- Zman 4" Frogs
- Zman 4"/6" Swimmerz
- Zman 4" Diesel Minnow
- Zman 4"/5" Streakz Curly Tailz
- Zman 5" Jerkshad Scented

Our guides will match these and more soft plastics with the right Tackle Tactics weedless jig hooks.

These lures are available to purchase as part of our discounted pre-purchase lure packs in your own personal lure wrap, and can also be puchased on board.

Shimano Vanford Reef Soft Plastic Fishing for Barra on the Archer River