As we reach the midpoint of 2024, we are thrilled to share some exciting updates and successes from our bluewater fishing adventures in the pristine waters from Lizard Island to the tip of Cape York. It has been an exceptional start to the year, filled with memorable experiences and impressive catches that our guests will cherish for years to come.

Sunset views on the Archer River

Portland Roads Paradise

Huge red emporer caught at the Great Barrier Reef

The year kicked off with our Portland Roads Ultimate Adventure charters,  exploring the remote secret reef sites from Margaret Bay and beyond. The journey included visits to the pristine and untouched islands and reefs, including the beautiful Forbes Island and very productive Bligh Reef. Our experienced guides continued to find new untouched fishing spots along the way. This region is renowned for its rich marine biodiversity and stunning natural beauty, making it a perfect backdrop for unforgettable fishing experiences.

Our guests have not only enjoyed the thrill of the catch but also immersed themselves in the unique ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef. We were also fortunate enough to welcome on board the crew from BKK - the best producers of quality fishing hooks in the world.

Northern Exposure Nirvana

Our Northern Exposure journeys departed from Lizard Island have been nothing short of spectacular. Nestled amidst the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea, Lizard Island served as our gateway to some of the most abundant fishing grounds in the region.

Throughout the first half of the year, we welcomed guests from all corners of the globe, and they enjoyed thrilling encounters with a wide variety of fish species, including prized catches like GTs, Dogtooth Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, and Spanish Mackerel.

GT caught at the remote Great Barrier Reef

Venturing into deeper waters off the reef's edge, Ryder encountered this epic wahoo—a sleek predator prized for its speed and powerful runs. With its razor-sharp teeth and streamlined body, landing a wahoo is a thrilling achievement for any fisherman.

Mammoth Dogtooth Tuna caught at the Great Barrier Reef

Known for its strength and stamina, the dogtooth tuna is a formidable apex predator inhabiting the deeper waters around the northern tip of Australia, providing a challenge that tests even the most seasoned fishermen - the biggest one reeled in to date, even this seasoned angler put up the fight of his life to get this big fella into the boat!

Action on the Archer

Huge Queenfish caught at remote Archer River Whopping Barramundi caught at remote Archer River

We are thrilled to report an exhilarating season of fishing in the Archer River, our most successful to date! Our guests reeled in record-sized barramundi and queenfish in high numbers, amongst impressive other catches like mangrove jack and saratoga. Nestled in the heart of Queensland's remote wilderness, the Archer River has proven to be a haven for anglers seeking both adventure and impressive catches. From Hoova battling this mighty barramundi to Brad's thrilling chase of this queenfish, each expedition has been a testament to the abundant marine life and the skill of our guests and guides.

While the tradewinds are blowing, it's time to give Blue Martini a much-deserved rest and facelift - she will be out of the water in August and early September, undergoing a new paint job, getting a new duckboard, main genset, and new carpet, aside from the regular services such as the engines, hull and prop-speed.

Mothership Blue Martini on a glassout

New Sites, New Adventures

Ashmore Banks, Hicks Island, Margaret Bay, Forbes Island Beautiful Forbes Island, remote and pristine, Great Barrier Reef

Ultimate Adventure Portland Roads will include new sites stretching from Margaret Bay to Ashmore Banks. We will use Hicks Island as a drop-off point for some of the charters rather than the Lockhart River

Meet our new chef

We've also been fortunate enough to welcome some awesome new crew, all who are already pulling in the rave reviews! Just when we thought we had hit the heights in terms of talented chefs - Simmo is our long-term crew member who has dished up some absolutely incredible fare that gives haute cuisine restaurants a run for their money - our new chef, Clement, hails from the south of France, and has brought with him his culinary expertise and mountain of experience in fine dining. With everything from the freshest ceviche to delectable desserts, Clement is a powerhouse of a chef, and we are more than happy to brag about having him in our crew!

New chef preparing Spanish Mackerel

Meet our new fishing guides & hosts

Meet Pete! From the Land of the Long White Cloud, what he lacks in age, he makes up for in experience! With years of getting anglers onto the big fish under his belt, Pete's dory punters always return to the mothership with tales to tell.

Pete caught this Queenfish at the remote Archer River

Isaac knows his stuff...with a plethora of knowledge for everything about fishing and then some, Isaac has successfully helped our guest anglers get onto some whoppers! There's no need for exaggerated fishing stories from Isaac...he's truly lived the tales to tell

Huge Mangrove Jack caught in Cape York

Andy has proven to be a ripper of a guide since he started with us - between showing off his chops with his barra expertise, he's mentored some of our other guides about anything and everything to do with barramundi, and comes with mountains of barra guiding experience all over the Top End

Fishing guide with huge Barramundi caught at remote Archer River

What's a fishing charter without heavenly hosts? An avid fisher in her own right, Toneisha is our hostess with the mostess, catering to your every whim to ensure the best onboard experience possible. While she is (still fishing) in her downtime, we have welcomed our casual hosts - both hailing from Argentina - Emilia & Mica, both talented in their own rights: one is a doctor, and the other holds her Bachelor degree in international relations!

It's not just the's the lifestyle!

You've embarked on the fishing expedition that you've always wanted to tick off your bucket list. While you're exploring some of the most remote and pristine fishing sites Australia has to offer, you'll discover new bucket list items whilst you tick them off as you go - think sunsets, beach barbecues, the freshest seafood, swimming and snorkelling, wilfelife encounters, island exploring, and of course - your trip of a lifetime!