The far-reaching and remote pristine reefs we recently visited on our latest charters delivered a whopper of a start to the season!

An absolute cracker to the start of the Northern Explorer, Portland Roads Ultimate Adventure and Lagoon Explorer season!

Our stoked punters had their expectations surpassed with some huge Spanish Mackerel, GT's and Doggy's reeled in, and Nanny's galore.

Our bespoke charters are renowned for the remote locations we visit around the north east reefs of Far North Queensland, some of the most pristine and un-fished areas discovered with the incomparable local knowledge our skipper and guides have on hand.

Starting at Lizard Island, we travelled up to Portland Roads, with some exciting and successful fishing done around various awesome islands and reefs.

Departing from the jewel of the northern Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island, and venturing up to Portland Roads, the fishing and scenery was unsurpassed! Our guests took in the breathtaking views of our secret spots at islands and reefs between Lizard Island and Lockhart River and beyond.

Check out some of the monster GT's our thrilled punters pulled in!

The frequent excited shouts of "it's a yellowfin!" and "it's a doggy!" by our guests could be heard from a mile away, cementing the electric vibes our guides were feeling from the thrills. It surely is an exhilarating sensation when you can pull in one of these bad boys.