What a stellar year we've had in 2023! From the far reaches in the Gulf of Carpentaria to our remote secret spots in the Great Barrier Reef, our stoked guests have had their bucket items ticked off in the form of their dream catches.

We have welcomed excited guests from not only all over Australia but from all corners of the globe, with some of our repeat guests coming from as far as the American mid-west.

The variety of species caught has been incredible with a new record 62 different fish being caught on one charter out of Portland Roads. Species included numerous yellowfin tuna, lots of enormous Doggies, and so many bangers (GTs). You will have to watch the video - seeing is believing!

Archer River proved as successful as it is fruitful - an average of 100+ Barramundi were being pulled in each day, proving the end-of-wet-season run-offs are the best time for us to venture around into the Gulf to chase the Big Barra. As the freshwater run-offs into the salty river systems churn and produce underwater debris, it produces fertile waters for the Barra to thrive and hide, resulting in idyllic conditions to chase them down. Though they have a reputation as an elusive fish, our guides have been successfully on the mark with the hundreds of Barra pulled in - well done boys!

Check out our 2023 Year in Review video below